Awakening the Truth Frequency by Laura Eisenhower

Pdf download of books Awakening the Truth Frequency 9781888729948

Awakening the Truth Frequency

Laura Eisenhower

Page: 312

Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

ISBN: 9781888729948

Publisher: CCC Publishing

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Pdf download of books Awakening the Truth Frequency 9781888729948


Laura Eisenhower is a master astrologer and the great granddaughter to five-star general and 34th president Dwight D. Eisenhower. As a child, she intimately sensed the resistant forces working around her and embarked on her own journey into the underworld, only to discover her own truth frequency and overcome the many challenges in life by the remembrance of the divine feminine energies in union with the masculine, which is encoded in our DNA. Her experience has included extreme wilderness training and an attempted recruitment into living off-planet on Mars as part of the secret space program, which revealed to her many things. She declined, to stay true to her purpose here on Earth. She is quite informed of our galactic history, the different timelines of humanity, and the window period in which we are ascending in the Great Awakening.



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